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Shared Skies
By Kim Abeles


Los Angeles, CA



Shared Skies’ photographs are being collected through four situations: Abeles’ journeys and artists who participate as they travel worldwide, international friends through social media, and some purchased from photographers through stock photo sites.

Shared Skies began as a permanent public artwork for the Anderson-Munger YMCA that is being built in Koreatown, Los Angeles. From the Salt Flats of Bolivia to Grand Forks in the United States, and Maasai Mara, Kenya to Pine Ridge, Oglala Sioux Tribe, our skies portray the connected parts of our place on this earth. There are currently sky photographs from 38 countries and all the continents. Each sky is identified with the name of the photographer and location, and each participant receives a print. This is part of a larger series that began as a public artwork for the Anderson-Munger YMCA, and the atelier for the prints is Sundog Multiples, University of North Dakota.


Moridpour was one of the contributing-a-sky of this project.


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