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Seven Conquests of Story II


Neda Moridpour + Pouya Afshar




"ART IRAN: Falling Into Language"

Craft Contemporary Museum

Los angeles, CA


Slanting or inclining is the act of altering the direction or subtly distorting the meaning within various forms of expression, such as literature, history, and even religion. This nuanced manipulation in fiction and storytelling has yielded positive and negative impacts on the essence of the narrative, imbuing it with diverse hues and layers of interpretation. Throughout the course of history, when knowledge and intellect guided the art of oral storytelling, the disruptive potential of skewing the established structure was comparatively limited. This structure, analogous to crafting and refining tiles from raw material into a polished piece of art, mirrors the author's creative process. In this analogy, the "tile" becomes a tool in a game where slanting occurs. Playing this game within the context of assembling a puzzle provides a unique experience of subtly reshaping the narrative's meaning. Irrespective of the final appearance and aesthetics of the finished piece, each addition or removal of a tile along the way results in a distinct shift in the collective consciousness. Each word inscribed on these tiles invites the audience to partake in this creative endeavor or observe from the sidelines.


While this project invites viewers' participation, it does so with the specific instruction of moving the tiles and not to modify the artwork completely. A significant aspect of this endeavor lies in documenting the process, capturing the decisions made by each participant as they engage in the act of slanting, appropriating, or choosing not to partake. The ultimate objective is to illustrate how individuals respond to this artistic game, whether they actively engage with it or whether they opt to wield influence by subtly reshaping a narrated story that traverses the intriguing path of the seven conquests of history, a contemporary yet personal take on Fedowsi's Shahnameh (“Book of Kings”)—a journey that continues to unfold.

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