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Make-Ready: The Lost Posters
By Susan Silton

2004-ongoing; offset lithographed posters, ed.500 each

Los Angeles, CA

Tehran, Iran



A poster project by Susan Silton who commissioned printers internationally (printing being an international language) to simulate the process of make-ready. Using the jobs that the printer has in-house, the artist asks each printer to create an edition of 500 identical sheets. One job is put on press, then put aside; then another layer is put over the first layer, then put aside; and this process is then repeated for two to three more layers. Finally, after several built up layers of ink, Silton asks the printer to overprint one last layer in silver ink—song titles containing the word LOST. Posters are distributed by the artist for free. Silton will eventually produce a limited edition which includes posters as well as an audio piece incorporating all of the songs. Also in process is a documentation component, in which posters produced in one country are posted and documented in public sites in another country.


Neda Moridpour collaborated in this project by managing the make-ready process of one of the posters in Iran, which contains printed layers some of the jobs that the printer had in-house; works of four Iranian contemporary artists and an old lithography of an Iranian folk story called 'khale suske' or 'auntie roach'.


(All photos are courtesy of the artist: Susan Silton)




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