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LOUDER THAN WORDS (S.A. Bachman+Neda Moridpour) is a cross-cultural, intergenerational art collective that targets sexual assault, domestic violence, women's reproductive health, and homophobia by combining elements of activism with courageous art interventions. In addition, we cultivate strategies for inspiring more men to become allies in gender violence prevention. Our practice strives to ignite civic dialogue, awaken the political imagination, unravel obstacles, and unleash inventive action plans.







A Socially Engaged Art Project in collaboration with #NOTGUILTY campaign and Ione Wells. Addressing Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

Successfully funded through Kickstarter, the project will kick off in Los Angeles, CA and will travel to New York City, NY. Washington, DC. Cleveland, Ohio and London, England in 2018.

Download Press Release here.

A 20-foot truck transformed into a mobile billboard and resource center will aid in the prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault.


We’re three women, of three different generations, born in three different countries. We’re artists, advocates and educators with an extensive history of organizing and implementing public art projects and creatively engaging the public about the crisis of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (DVSA).


WOMEN ON THE MOVE will transform a 20-ft truck into a mobile billboard and resource center and travel to four cities to aid in the prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. WOMEN ON THE MOVE expands beyond the confines of traditional classrooms and museums to connect with those affected by sexual assault and domestic violence in neighborhoods that lack resources and therefore cannot easily avail themselves of workshops and contemporary art of this kind.

The WOMEN ON THE MOVE billboard truck will interrupt the visual landscape, traversing each city before stopping at shopping malls, schools, parks and other public spaces where people congregate. In each location, we’ll create public "pop-up" events including street interventions, workshops and video screenings. 

Once participants enter the truck, they will encounter an artist-designed multimedia resource center fully equipped with interactive video, audio, oral histories, informational brochures and a library. In addition to workshops inside the truck and “pop-up” events, volunteers will exit the truck, engaging people in conversation and offering free artist-designed posters.

Our tactics will enliven Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault outreach and augment existing strategies for education and prevention. We are thrilled to report that WOMEN ON THE MOVE has been enthusiastically embraced by advocates in the field.

We're at a historical crossroads — join activists around the world and insist that the lives of domestic violence and sexual assault survivors matter. 

You can support this project by donating. Your donation is tax deductible. 



Now is the time to resist! The gravity of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault continues to be trivialized. In 2016, many U.S. voters chose to ignore the history of Donald Trump, an ethically challenged businessman-turned-politician whose blatant misogyny, sexual harassment of women, and treatment of women as property and objects of derision were in plain view. 

Did you know that the Trump administration is already demonstrating their disregard for victims of DVSA by planning to make “dramatic cuts” in initiatives working to end violence against women?

Did you know that Russia recently established domestic violence as a norm when it voted to decriminalize and ease penalties for battery of a relative? 

Did you know that two-thirds of domestic violence shelters in England are facing closure?

Did you know that although violent crime has declined in recent decades in both the U.S. and U.K., DVSA crime rates remain stubbornly high and under-reporting to the police remains acute?


Did you know that Black women are often reluctant to report domestic violence due to their fraught relationship with law enforcement?

Did you know that undocumented immigrant victims of sexual assault must weigh seeking help against deportation?

Did you know that 44% of lesbians and 61% of bisexual women experience domestic violence or sexual assaults? Did you know that transgender people face alarming rates of sexual violence?

Did you know that 1 in 71 men in the United States has been raped in their lifetime?



We will have professionals lined-up to work with us in each city and have already begun the outreach process. Eve F. Sheedy, Counsel for Domestic Violence Policy, Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office has been an on-going Advisor to LOUDER THAN WORDS. 

Moridpour is a certified Counselor Advocate of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and Bachman is a trained facilitator with over thirty years’ experience. 

To give you a sense of the DVSA professionals that have collaborated with us, please see the following list of advocates and lawyers who volunteered to participate in our most recent public project:

Eve F. Sheedy, Counsel for Domestic Violence Policy, Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office; 

Mieko Failey, Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, Domestic Violence Legal Advocacy Project;  

Natalie Samarjian, Neighborhood Legal Services of LA County; 

Kenny Green, Gang Intervention, Toberman Center;  

Kelli Dillon, Violence Intervention Specialist/Domestic Violence Expert;  

Karyna Gonzalez, Former Director of Domestic Violence Programs, YWCA Glendale. 

Mock-up of the inside of truck withcustom-designed domestic violence wallpaper on the side. Details of the wallpaper are provided at the end of the proposal.

Mock-up of mobile billboard truck (side 1) with LEAD BY EXAMPLE video projection and custom-designed domestic violence wallpaper. Details of the wallpaper are provided at the end of the proposal.

Mock-up of mobile billboard truck (side 2):Stop Shooting 

Mock-up of mobile billboard truck (back): Stop Blaming the Victim

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