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Education Debates Hit the Streets of California


UCSD, San Diego, CA

Fresno, CA



Working with artists S.A. Bachman and Krista Caballero to present DISMANTLED, an innovative visual arts collaboration. As students across California faced tuition hikes, emerging artists from Otis participated in an exploration of public education, critical pedagogy, and the privatization of our school system. This statewide project acknowledged California’s unique history while simultaneously questioning what the future holds if our institutions of learning are no longer shaped by the core principles of accessible and affordable education for all.

DISMANTLED employed outdoor projection and performance to frame key issues such as the severe cutbacks in funding, charter schools, students and families burdened by debt, financial aid, and access to education. Highlighting populations the government and media often ignore, DISMANTLED integrated interviews from a crosssection of Californians with provocative visual analysis. In addition, images of blowing bubble gum, historical footage from Brown VS The Board of Education and superhero school uniforms are utilized to raise awareness and incite questions. Audience members had the opportunity to participate in the project’s ongoing interviews as well as contribute to the creation of a sitespecific installation.  Projection sites served as gathering spaces for sidewalk conversations and run the gamut from neighborhood storefronts to museums, colleges and libraries.

California educators including Peter McLaren, Gilda Haas, Janna Shaddock Hernandez and Ricardo Dominguez have informed this project. The Scan-Tron Video animation was courtesy of Jen Schmidt.

Link to the project:


Art & Education; Otis Graduate Public Practice presents Concentric Conversations

Former Fresno MET plays starring role in ArtHop, The Fresno Bee by Donald Munro

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Public video projection and performance intervention at UCIRA conference,University of California San Diego, San Diego, CA


Public video projection and performance intervention at Fresno Museum of Art, Fresno, CA


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