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1Pa2Pa Comic Series

کمدی نامه‌های ۱ پا ۲ پا






1Pa2Pa (1Dribble 2Dribbles) is a comic series created by [P]Art collective, an entity in which artists collaborate with other professionals to create socially concerned art projects that engage the society and challenges their socio-political concerns. 


1Pa2Pa's first chapter revolves around the story of a father and son, both soccer fans, watching a soccer game in Tehran's soccer/football stadium, Azadi Sports Complex. 

Through this project, [P]Art Collective aims to question issues revolving around the culture of soccer/football analyzing the role of power, politics, corruption, sportsmanship, patriotism, masculinity, and passion in this sport. 


1Pa2Pa will be distributed at stadiums in Iran for free with the goal of 

shedding light on some of the issues and creating a dialogue on how to improve this culture. 


Yahya Azar (Guest collaborator): Co-creator and screenwriter

Pouya Afshar: Co-creator and visual artist

Neda Moridpour: Co-creator and producer



Click on each chapter below to download the comics.



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